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Monday, July 2, 2012

We Really 'Love the Design!'

Last year, one of our favourite couples called their wedding off, just 3 weeks before the big day.

Naturally, everyone was devastated, and for all the reasons you can imagine. However, I'm so happy to report that they went away from the experience, went to therapy, worked hard on their relationship and... 11 months later, married each other in what had to be one of the most unique, moving and powerful ceremonies we've ever witnessed. More on that to come... but first, I thought I'd share a bit of their story through the stationery...

When it came time to let their friends and family know they were "really going to do this," we turned (again) to our friend Christine Flynn at Love the Design to design a Save-the-New-Date announcement. She worked with the couple and came up with the wonderful list of things (above) about their relationship and even poke a little fun at the "almost" wedding that didn't happen the year before. I hope you can read all the details, because some are downright hilarious.

When it came time to send out the second wedding invitation, our bride was lamenting that she really loved her first one and couldn't imagine anything that could improve upon it. That's when I suggested we send out the EXACT same invitation, only this time, with the original date crossed off and the new one 'handwritten' in over it. And that's exactly what we did; Christine made the changes, they went off to the letterpressers and voilĂ : the guests got a slightly modified version of the original invitation! 

I gather the response was tremendous (it's always encouraging when something has it's intended effect) and the stationery totally set the tone of what was to come. Wait till you see the photos from this one... a true Happily Ever After story, if ever there was one...

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