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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty in Pink: Part 2

Here's a photo of the whole table -- it was so long it was almost impossible to get the whole thing in a single frame! You can get a sense of the length of it if I tell you the Pink Rice Krispies Square-Cake (which you can see at the top of the shot) was only half-way down...

A close up of the hand-made marshmallow kisses. They were ooey, gooey, soft and chewy (and had the most delicious, peppermint-y taste). The kids went nuts for these.

Pink Kettle Corn in gorgeous white lacquer trays that Exclusive Affair Rentals bought just for the occasion...

Little Mini Donuts were made in the Daniel et Daniel kitchen and tasted even better than they looked...

I can still barely look at this photo! It was taken literally 30 seconds after the Sweet Table opened. All those hours of work and planning were destroyed in a nanosecond after the kids descended on it. Instant chaos + destruction = heartbreak! The worst part? I don't even think the kids noticed how freaking awesome it was -- they were too busy grabbing as much as they could!!! Le sigh...

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