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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And a Cherry on Top!

The Question: How to compete with the show-stopping cheese "cake" that Chef Mark McEwan created for our bride's sister's wedding, 18 months before.

The Challenge: Our bride is diabetic, so a fancy, traditional wedding cake was out of the question. Plus, we were at the same venue (the family farm) with many of the same guests in attendance -- we had a lot to live up to!

The Solution: A custom-designed, lucite cake stand to hold all the autumn bounty from the farm and a teeny, sugar-free cake for the bride and groom to cut into. North 44 Executive Chef Sash Simpson literally hand-picked each plum, pear, peach & apple and placed them with care onto the stand. And yes, please note, for the final touch: the cherry on top!
Photo Credits: The fabulous Storey Wilkins beautifully documented both weddings. You can watch Mark McEwan in action with the first farm wedding on season two of his show: 'The Heat' on the Food Network.

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