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Friday, June 26, 2009

Deliberate Acts of Kindness

I recently did a charity event and was given a dakband for my efforts. dak is short for Deliberate Acts of Kindness and the concept behind these bracelets is so simple and wonderful. Here's how they work: you wear multiple dakbands on your wrist and when you witness someone doing something kind for someone else, you approach them and offer them 2 of your bands, in recognition of their gesture. At first people are a little surprised until you explain that a) you were so impressed/moved/overwhelmed (insert your own adverb) by what they just did and b) each dakband is numbered so they can go online at Deliberate Acts of Kindness and track where that band has been. And here's the great part: the next time THAT person sees someone else doing something nice for someone, THEY pass one of their bands on. Forget random acts of kindess, these bands honour people who choose to be kind to others. Check out the website for more details (including where the money goes from the sale of the initial bands) and see all the different countries they're making their way to as people are simply being nice to one another. There's even a couple on the site who chose to give the bands out at their wedding instead of favours... inspired! And to think the whole movement started right here in Toronto...

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